Free Government Credit Report

Our free government credit report represents our credit history, as it deals with our general qualification for borrowing. This includes credit-related accounts, and details of our personal financial activity. This report helps lenders and insurers to accept or reject our loan applications. Alos, employers often use this information along with your credit score to decide whether to hire a job applicant. We have been given the right to see our credit report for free annually. This gives us the ability to dispute any errors on your credit report since a poor credit history can affect our ability to negotiate for home mortgages, auto loans, student loans, and credit cards. This includes getting loan approvals as well as getting better loan interest rates.

What is annual credit

This website is the authorized source for obtaining your annual free credit report from the 3 major credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. The annual credit report is sometime referred to as a free gov credit report or free government credit report by some.

How can you request your free government credit report?

You can request your reports online at You can also obtain them thru the mail. Your credit report can only be obtained for free once per year. Although each credit bureau is responsible for delivering one free gov credit report once per year, they do NOT currently offer a free credit score. (see the article on credit scores for more details). A small fee paid to each credit bureau is usually required to access to your credit scores.

When we request our annual free government credit report online, this goes through a verification process. For mail requests, you can download and print the request form, then complete and mail the form. By using these two methods we can see our credit reports online or via mail. (For mail delivery, it may take two to three weeks to receive the reports). The free credit reporting site, doesn’t ask for credit card number or any bank account information.

What information does my annual credit report include?

Personal information: This information provides our name, address, social security number, date of birth and recent and former employers.

Credit History: This is the main part of your credit report. It includes details provided by your creditors that you have accounts openned or closed.

  1. The date when you’ve openned those accounts, credit limitations, payment conditions, account balances and payment history which indicates whether you’ve paid the accounts on time.
  2. Number of closed accounts can remain on your report for the time period of 7 to 11 years depending on the level of delinquency – delinquent payments or bankruptcy.

Inquiries: An inquiry is recorded  when our annual credit report is accessed or requested by third parties such as a potential landlord, a lender, a service firm or insurer. These inquiries stay on our report for approximately two years.

Public Records: Bankruptcies, liens, and other public records may show up on our credit reports and can remain there for 7 to 11 years.

It is crucial for every consumer to be fully informed about what’s on his or her credit report. There’s also the concern about protecting yourself from becoming a victim of credit fraud. This has become a serious and growing problem each year.